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About CETA


Creating and delivering Cost-Effective, Timely and Affordable homes

CETA Homes brings together a team with a strong and successful history of over 40 years experience between them. We're dedicated and passionate professionals with a commitment to excellence in delivering cost effective, timely and affordable houses to the housing market in New Zealand.

With a dedicated team, including consultants, builders, and valued clients, we strive to provide exceptional projects that cater to the needs of first-time buyers, seasoned homeowners, and investors. Trust CETA Homes to deliver the best value for your investment.

Past - Pre-establishment

A Promising Venture with a Strong Vision

Although CETA Homes is in just its fourth year, our leadership team's 40+ years of business experience, passion, and drive pave the way for success. Our primary objective of CETA Homes was to tackle New Zealand's housing affordability crisis, and the company was founded with a mission to provide cost-effective, affordable, and timely homes to the market. With over 300 homes delivered and $500million worth of construction built and managed prior to establishing CETA Homes means our team is well-equipped to address this challenge with confidence.

Present - Open for business

Success in the Housing Market

With an in-house team that consists of experienced Project Managers, qualified Quantity Surveyors, highly skilled builders and an expert management team and since opening for business, CETA Homes has delivered over 120 new homes to the market, catering to first-home buyers, families and investors. We have started construction on over 110 homes out of a further 230+ we have in the pipeline which are schedules to be completed within the next two years.

Future - Where are we heading?

Exciting Plans For CETA Homes Future

We will continue to deliver well thought out and located homes and investments, with over 230 new homes in our pipeline. With an aim to grow our CETA Management division by providing financial and construction management support to other landholders and developers who are working on their projects. We will be looking to establish CETA Commercial Construction - focusing on heavy-duty construction such as 3-level walk ups and high-rise projects. Our Development focus will be looking to expand beyond Auckland into other regions of New Zealand.

CETA Homes is a residential housing development and construction company with over 40 years of experience

Our Vision

The heart behind our vision is to continue to tackle New Zealand's housing affordability crisis, by providing cost-effective, timely and affordable homes and investments to the market. We genuinely care about delivering projects in a Cost Effective, Timely and Affordable manner - hence our name CETA Homes.

Our Mission

Our goal is to consistently strive to find smarter, more efficient and cost-effective ways to deliver and build our projects - ensuring we build more efficiently and effectively with every project we undertake. Affordability doesn’t mean cheap, it's an attitude to find ways of delivering a better or equivalent product at a lower cost than our competitors.

Why Buy from us?

Community Relationships

Strong local community connections and relationships with great connections with local lawyers and mortgage brokers

Proven track record of delivery

A trusted provider of architecturally designed homes with a proven track record of delivery

Trusted building materials

We Strive to use locally sourced materials and only use traditional and trusted building materials


We have 10-year implied warranty and offer a 12-month defects period

Ideal for First Home Buyers

Specialist in providing housing for First Home Buyers and we have a strong implementation of RA in our terraced townhouse developments

Quality as Standard

We are healthy homes provider and our homes are designed to home star 6 rating


With you every step of the journey

CETA Homes has three key focuses to the business which contribute to its success – CETA Developments, CETA Build, and CETA Management. Whichever category your project fits into, it’ll be looked after by skilled specialists. By using our own build and project management teams, we have better control over costs, quality and programmes, which means we are able to offer you a better fixed price and ensure better outcomes.

CETA Developments

We are a boutique company delivering well thought out developments with a focus on desirable locations with good amenities.

CETA Build

We are committed to creating cost-effective and affordable homes in a timely manner with uncompromising quality.

CETA Management

End-to-end development and project management services, from the original concepts to the day you put the key in the front door.

"As a first time developer I found CETA really made the process smooth and helped troubleshoot any issues that came up through the process, whether it was last minute consent amendments or dealing with supply constraints, the guys took it all on with minimal stress and delivered the project within a 12 month program."

Tom Reesby | MTK Capital

Ceta Homes did an excellent job building our seven lot subdivision in Papatoetoe. It was great to get the teams feedback on the pre- construction stages, presenting opportunities of value engineering and efficiencies on site. The team was very supportive throughout the project, prioritising budgets and timelines."

Jonathan Kumar | Loft 78 Ltd

CETA made the processes of remedial works on the minor defects really easy, just getting the job done and to a high standard. Great communication and a great standard of build for a cost effective solution.

Tiffany | Homeowner